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ピストルオペラ(新・殺しの 烙印) 鈴木清順監督
伊藤和典脚本を英語に直す。これはイイ 仕事です。コ難しい、 理屈っぽい話を書く伊藤氏が、清純監 督のテイストとどうマッチするのか?というより、マッチすることなど可能なのか?脚本を読む限り、非常 に伊藤的。ただのノアールアクションだ、と言われて も違和感なし。無痛のナンバー5、という役をタランティーノにオファーするための英語脚本でした。タラ ンティーノは結局オファーを蹴ったが、彼にオファー された場面は、こんな感じです:

Minatsuki walks up to the door and presses the door bell. No reaction. Then the door is suddenly unlocked, but remains closed. Alert, Minatsuki slowly turns the door knob.

INSIDE THE CONDOMINIUM ROOM - There's complete darkness. Minatsuki walks in and stops, noticing something unusual... The smell of blood. And suddenly a beam of light shines in her face. Then the beam of light changes and is directed to the floor. Minatsuki sees the informant lying dead at her feet. At the desk, Number 5 turns the light back to the desktop. He picks up two action figures and starts a little puppet performance.

Number 5 (in English)
"Do you happen to know how much blood
there is in a human body?"

(other puppet)
"I've no idea"

Minatsuki has already had enough of this. She's ready to leave and turns around, then, THUD! A knife flies across the room and lands under her nose on the wall.

Number 5 (in English)
"How much do you think she weighs?"

(other puppet)
"About 110, maybe?"

Minatsuki (in Japanese)
Know what...?

Number 5 (in English)
"If she's One-ten, then her blood is about a gallon."

Referring to the bottle on the desk.

Number 5 (continuing)
"If she loses enough blood to fill this bottle, she's history."

Minatsuki (in Japanese)
I don't understand English.

Number 5 leaps onto the desktop and SCREAMS. He jumps at Minatsuki SCREAMING. She narrowly dodges him. A streak of blood on her cheek... There's a knife in Number 5's hand.

Number 5 (in broken Japanese)
Me performing! Me good! You insult me!

He swings the knife at her with incredible speed. Minatsuki tries to keep some distance so she can recover her balance, but he's fast. She can't take his attack any more. She runs. He chases her, excessively hyperactive. He bumps into things, and slips on the informant's blood. Minatsuki reaches for the knife he threw minutes ago.
STAB! He is quicker. His knife flies across the air and she withdraws her reaching hand. Another streak of blood stains her clothes. Number 5 pulls the knife out of the wall. He opens the front of his jacket. Knife sheaths of various sizes are sewn in the jacket lining. He puts the knife back in the empty one.

Number 5 (in Japanese)
I love it! It's too much fun! I love you!

SCREAMING incoherently, he resumes the assault on her.

KITCHEN - Minatsuki runs in. Number 5 chases after her. She grabs anything she touches and throws them at him. But the informant's life style doesn't provide her with suitable weapons. She finally finds a corkscrew and grabs it. She jumps over the kitchen counter. Number 5 follows her and,
STAB! She stabs him in the thigh with the corkscrew. Which doesn't at all distract him. He stabs her in the side. She SCREAMS in pain.

Number 5
No pain, no gain.

Minatsuki's face warps in agony.

Who are you?

The question agitates him. He is pissed and gives the knife a twist.

Number 5 (in broken Japanese)
You don't know me? Why you don't?
Me the Painless Surgeon, Number 5!
You Stray Cat Number 3! You think me no threat!?

I thought painless means you kill before
your target even feels pain...
But it's YOU who doesn't feel pain....

Number 5 (all in Japanese from here on)
Me feel no fear either.

How did you find me?

Number 5
Hundred Eyes told me.

Number 1?

Number 5
Number 1 chose me as partner.
I promised I kill you for Number 1.

He wiggles the knife more. She starts moaning and groaning in pain.

Number 5
I don't want to kill you. I love you.
You understand?

I love you too...

Number 5
You do!?

I'll love you more if you put that knife in your heart.

He pulls the knife out of her side and points it at her heart.

Number 5
Liar! I put this in my heart, I die.
You want to live. Liar!

No. I want you for my partner. Show me what makes you special...
Show me what makes you the Painless Surgeon...

Number 5 points the knife at his own heart.

Number 5
I'll show you.

And he stabs himself, effortlessly.

Number 5 (continuing)
You like it?


Number 5

Yes! Deeper!

Number 5

You're incredible.

She hugs Number 5, shoving the knife deeper into his chest. Number 5 dies.

You're incredibly simple...

片言日本語で狂ったアクション。 キルビルを先取りする ものがあります。何で蹴った!タランティーノ!?

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